Pediatric Dentists On The Central Coast

Pediatric Dentists On The Central Coast

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Posted 2017-04-03 by Suefollow
Looking for a child friendly dentist to take your children to? Look no further, we have compiled a list for you!

GB Dental
At [Link GB Dental] in Erina, they focus on preventing teeth issues before they arise, therefore they like to see children for their first visits at around their first birthdays to get comfortable with the staff and the practice, before anything happens.

After their baby teeth have come through at around 2-3 years of age, they visit the dentist for their first proper check up and also to educate children and parents as to how best protect their teeth. GB Dental provides numerous children’s dental services, some of which include: diagnostic x-rays, happy gas, fillings, cleaning and fluoride treatments, orthodontic assessments and treatment, mouth guards and nutritional guidance.

Whilst in the waiting room, the practice provides free Wi-Fi and flat screen TV’s where kids can pick their own movies. As means of encouraging good dental behaviour kids are given a gift bag on their departure, containing enjoyable and educational products.

Riverside Dental Spa
Going to the dentist at [Link Riverside Dental Spa] in Erina is a kid’s dental experience like no other, where the kids will actually be asking to go see the dentist!

With a designated “Kid’s Zone”, there's a iPad bar, loads of books and a wide screen TV with plenty of kids movies. Also, when they actually get into the dentist chair there are ceiling mounted TV’s in all rooms, sure to alleviate any jitters or nerves. To keep with the motto of rewarding for good behaviour, Riverside Dental has a special kids club called the “No Cavities Club” where a child will get a certificate of achievement for being cavity free at their check up and also entered into a quarterly prize draw.

Other services provided by Riverside Dental that may be relevant for children’s issues include: bite relief, Emergency dental, full mouth x-rays and 3D scans, oral surgery for wisdom teeth, sporting mouth guards, and also bulk bill under the Federally funded Child’s Dental Benefits Scheme (check your availability with Medicare).

Coastal Dental
This [Link Coastal Dental] practice in Gosford covers a vast array of services for children covering all of their possible dental needs.

They recommend the first visit be around the time of your child’s first birthday, due to the fact that there are so many dental problems becoming evident in preschool aged children these days. Therefore, if they can get in first and prevent the problem, rather than treat, everyone is certain to be happier.

They will also start covering things such as dental hygiene, diet and fluoride so children are well educated. Regular dental checkups now, ensure unnecessary and expensive dental work later can potentially be avoided. They will bulk bill children under the Governments Dental Benefits Schedule up to $1000 per child over two years, services covered by the scheme include examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing’s and fillings, root canals and even extractions.

The Lakes Family Dental
Located along Lakedge Avenue, Berkeley Vale, [Link Lakes Family Dental] pride themselves on creating lasting relationships with their clients.

Here they suggest parent’s start bringing their children from an early age to gain familiarity with the practice and what happens when they visit. They encourage ‘prevention, early detection and conservative treatment’, but healthy home care is essential to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

The Child's Benefits Scheme is obviously provided here also, the difference here is that they do not bulk bill this scheme, they require full payment on that day and if your details are registered with Medicare they can claim on your behalf, putting the rebate back into your account on that same day.

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