How to Access NDIS Early Childhood and Early Intervention Services

How to Access NDIS Early Childhood and Early Intervention Services

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Understanding NDIS Early Childhood and Early Intervention Services

If you have a child with a disability or developmental delay, such as a speech, walking, or fine motor skill delay, you may be able to access funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Approach.

NDIS ECEI support is designed to ensure that young children with developmental delays or disabilities have access to early intervention services to provide targeted support during the critical developmental years to maximize their growth, development and potential.

NDIS ECEI support encompasses a range of services, including therapy, specialist support, equipment, and resources to assist children in achieving their developmental milestones.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for NDIS ECEI Support?

To access NDIS ECEI support, your child must meet specific eligibility criteria:
  • Your child will need to be aged between 0 and 6 years.
  • Your child should exhibit a developmental delay or disability that impacts their daily functioning. You do not need a formal diagnosis to access funding

  • It’s important to note that the NDIS also considers the likelihood of the child’s disability being permanent or long-term when assessing eligibility. If your child does not meet the age criteria or has a disability expected to resolve before they turn 7, alternative support services may be available through other programs or early childhood services.

    Referral Process for Early Childhood and Early Intervention Support

    There are many ECEI Partners in every state and territory across Australia who can assist parents with planning and accessing early intervention services for their children. You can visit the NDIS website or call 1800 800 110 to find your local ECEI Partner.

    Referrals can be made by parents, guardians, health professionals, educators, or community members who have concerns about a child’s development.

    What Happens Next?

    If your child is eligible, you will be contacted by your ECEI Partner to make an appointment for your child’s planning meeting. The Early Childhood Partner’s role is the first contact point for families and they will initiate an assessment process. This typically involves gathering information about the child’s development, including medical reports, assessments from health professionals, and input from parents and educators.

    Based on the assessment, they will develop a plan in collaboration with families. The plan will outline the support and services that a child may be eligible for under the NDIS. It will address the specific developmental goals and needs of the child, including therapies, early intervention programs, equipment, and additional supports such as respite care.

    There is no additional cost for you as plan management fees are calculated in addition to your support needs and are paid separately by the NDIS.

    Plan Implementation and Review

    The ECEI Partner will help connect families with registered service providers who can deliver the recommended supports and services. These providers are experienced in working with children with disabilities and are familiar with the NDIS guidelines and processes. The services may include therapies like occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physiotherapy, as well as access to early intervention programs, playgroups, or specialized educational support. It is important to regularly review the plan to ensure it continues to meet the child’s evolving needs.

    As part of your planning meeting, you can ask for plan management services to be included in your child’s plan. Plans4Kids offers a plan management service that will assist you with managing your child’s budget and will handle the administration related to the processing of invoices. There is no additional cost for you as plan management fees are calculated in addition to your support needs and are paid separately by the NDIS.

    Plans4Kids take the stress out of the NDIS and help you to get more out of your plan!

    Plans4Kids is here to help you with everything that comes along with managing your child’s NDIS plan. Plans4Kids is a registered NDIS plan management service provider dedicated to helping kids and strives to deliver the highest level of service for your convenience.

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