Best Cafes For Kids On The Central Coast

11 cafes to add to your to-go list!

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As a mum, a trip to the local cafe is necessary for a caffeine hit and a catch up with other mums during the week, or for a family brunch on the weekend.

Below are some of the best cafes on the coast, with contributions and suggestions by Central Mums group members.

You’ll also find some of the best crazy-shakes and freakshakes at these cafes, for when you want to treat yourself and the kids to something sweet.

Milk Factory Cafe, Wyong Milk Factory

The cafe is actually part of the wider factory grounds area which has plenty to explore (including a river with kayaks and rowboats for hire, and a chocolate shop), but it’s a great place to take kids to eat. There are bright-coloured moo milkshakes for kids and indulgent iced milks for grown-ups, and the cafe also has crazy-style flavoured shakes on special every so often, such as choc banana and rocky road.

You can eat indoors or get a takeaway coffee to drink outdoors at one of the tables near the playground which has a pirate ship, cubby house and swings. There are also special kids events held in the grounds during holidays, and inflatables are up on the weekends for kids to jump on.

Address: 141 Alison Road, Wyong
Opening Hours: Seven days, 7am to 4pm from Monday to Wednesday, 7am to 9pm from Thursday to Friday, 8am to 9pm on Saturdays and 8am to 4pm on Sundays.
Playground: Yes - it is enclosed and shaded.
Highchairs: Yes.
Kids Menu: Yes.

Warnies Railway Cafe, Warnervale

Warnie’s is the place to go for a yummy crazy-shake. People have been known to travel across the state to have one of the frothy, sugary shakes (that are really more of a dessert than a shake) and the cafe is frequently booked out and busy on weekends.

On weekdays it’s the perfect spot to have a quiet breakfast, lunch, or just coffee and cake. Mums groups can spread out blankets and prams in the grassy outdoor area and watch older kids play on the small playground and slide. If you’re visiting from Sydney or Newcastle, the Warnervale train station is conveniently just across the road, and Halloween is a good time to visit because the cafe’s annual kids Halloween party is legendary.

Address: 1/3 Warnervale Road, Warnervale, NSW
Opening Hours: Seven days, opening as early as 5am until 5pm on weekdays and 8am until 4pm on weekends.
Playground: Yes - but it’s not fenced and the cafe is close to the road so be sure to keep an eye on your kids.
Highchairs: Yes.
Kids Menu: Yes.

“Love Warnies and it's reasonably priced too.” - Central Mums member

Image taken by Jen Price

The Village Emporium, Wamberal

This cafe is the perfect place to visit with babies and toddlers who will love the toy box and colouring in that are located in the back of the cafe, but there’s no outdoor area for preschoolers and older kids to run around and burn energy (although the Wamberal Park is just a few minutes down the road). However the cafe’s Nutella bomb milkshake with a yummy chocolate doughnut on the side, will definitely win over kids of all ages. It’s also a great cafe to visit if your child has coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance because they have lots of gluten-free options.

The back of the cafe also has plenty of space to accommodate strollers and the cafe prides itself on being breastfeeding friendly. There’s also a proper changing table in the bathroom for nappy changes.

Address: 1762 The Entrance Road, Wamberal.
Opening Hours: Seven days, 5:30am until 3pm on weekdays, 7am to 3pm on Saturdays and 8am to 3pm on Sundays.
Playground: No.
Highchairs: Yes.
Kids Menu: No but there are plenty of kid-friendly meals such as ham and cheese toasties, babycinos, pancakes and banana bread.
Dime A Dozen, Umina

Down the Southern end of the Coast, is another great place to go for a tasty crazyshake. Dime A Dozen’s shakes are just as delicious as the ones at Warnie’s and the owners are always experimenting with new flavours.

The outdoor area is the best place to sit and eat with kids and dogs are sometimes welcome to sit in the outdoor area too - you just need to check with the staff on the day. The cafe can host kids parties and they also have an ice cream freezer if you want to grab a quick snack after visiting the beach.

Address: 246 West St, Umina Beach.
Opening Hours: Seven days, 6am until 7pm.
Playground: No.
Highchairs: Yes.
Kids Menu: Yes.

“If you want a crazy shake go to Dime A Dozen cafe. My kids love them and they're only about $5!” - Central Mums member

The Secret Cafe, Lakehaven

This cafe is connected to the The Secret Bunker restaurant, and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kids menu is the best of any of these cafes with plenty to choose from, even for fussy eaters. They also have super shakes and deluxe milkshakes (in flavours such as Mars Bar, Cherry Ripe, Bounty, Ferrero Rocher, Macadamia Royal, Mint Aero, Reese’s Cup or Snickers).

Their outdoor seating area overlooks their enclosed playground, which is well shaded. The cafe often holds special themed events for kids for Easter and Christmas, and you can book tables for kids birthday parties.

Address: 170 Pacific Hwy, Charmhaven.
Opening Hours: Seven days a week for breakfast and lunch from 7am to 3pm and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday starting at 5.30pm.
Playground: Yes.
Highchairs: Yes.
Kids Menu: Yes.

“Our mothers group goes here regularly. The have a large grassy outdoor area, lots of room for prams and a fenced off play area.” - Central Mums member


Here are some other coffee shops that were also recommended by Central Mums:

- Dulce Mama in Gosford
"Dulce Mama in Gosford has free babycinos with regular coffee purchase and a friendly in-house dog called Sophie. Kids love it!" - Central Mums member

- Fahrenheit Cafe in East Gosford
"There is lots of space for prams, it is breastfeeding friendly, and the staff are exceptional - they carried my takeaway coffees out to my car when I couldn't manage all with kids. And they do cute babycinos with faces!"- Central Mums member

- Bamboo Budda in Holgate
"Bamboo Budda has room for prams and fish for the kids to feed." - Central Mums member

- Fuel Depot Cafe at Canton Beach
"The Fuel Depot cafe is big and open with a blackboard wall for kids to draw on. Wins my vote!" - Central Mums member

- Amilly’s Cafe at Tuggerah Westfield and Wise Food Cafe at Avoca also have crazy shakes.

Have we missed any? Let us know!

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[INTRO As a mum, a trip to the local cafe is necessary for a caffeine hit and a catch up with other mums during the week, or for a family brunch on the weekend. Below are some of the most recommended cafes suitable for kids on the coast, with contributions and suggestions by Central Mums group members.]

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